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How It Works

grey queen size weighted blanket sleeping on couch

How It Works

Sleep is essential for your health and overall well-being -- it’s just as vital as eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. There are plenty of health benefits to enjoy when you get enough sleep under a king weighted blanket in Canada.

The Science

Weighted blankets have been used throughout the medical industry for many years. Until now, the health benefits were unknown. Recent scientific studies have indicated significant reduction in cortisol levels, while increasing serotonin production. This promotes a healthy heart rate and circulation and promotes happiness and wellbeing.

DreamHug™ uses therapeutic methods of deep touch stimulation, or proprioceptive input, to improve mood, anxiety and most importantly, sleep.This is a highly regarded therapeutic method. Comparable to swaddling a baby, the pressure and density placed on the body provides immediate comfort and stress relief.

The Cause and Effects of Stress and Anxiety

There are plenty of factors that can cause distress, which consequently affects your overall health. According to a recent survey, work-related stress affects more than 70% of employees leading to productivity loss.Life stresses are also top of that list.

The effects of stress on your life are both physical and mental. Stressful situations make your body release hormones that force you to either fight or take flight.

The DreamHug™ therapy blanket for anxiety can remedy this situation by restoring your normal hormone levels and enhancing sleep.

Concentration and Productivity

Studies reveal that getting sufficient sleep enhances cognition. Sleep patterns have a huge impact on behaviour and performance.

Lower Weight Gain Risk

There is a connection between poor sleep patterns and obesity. Lack of sleep affects your ability or desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Enough sleep enables the blood pressure in your body to regulate itself. This reduces the chances of other sleep-related illnesses such as apnea.

Prevents Depression

Sleep is a major contributor to your mental health status. People with sleep disorders are likely to experience depression.

Stronger Immune System

Sleep helps your body to recover, regenerate and repair. Better sleep quality leads to a stronger immune system that is capable of fighting off infections.

The Solution For Stress

A demanding job, constant disparaging news headlines, irritating push notifications and the non-stop piling up of social media content takes its toll on your brain. Although some stress is necessary, too much stress is proven to take its effects not only mentally, but physically as well.

A recent study found that the average Canadian spends about 30% of their leisure time browsing the Internet. The majority (61%) of Canadians even admit to being addicted to their devices. The work place yields an even worse statistic. Canadian employees on an average visit about 40 websites a day and change tasks every 2 minutes. Nearly 2 hours a day is spent merely in trying to recover from distractions.This new way of living has definitely contributed to an alarming rate of stress in our society.