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Are you ready to get the product that Canadians are raving about? The DreamHug weighted blanket in Canada helps provide comfortable, restful nights of sleep while warding off anxiety and stress. Our brand offers the most affordable weighted blanket in Canada without sacrificing quality or the several benefits that weighted benefits can offer.

If you're on the hunt for the best weighted blanket near you, trust DreamHug. Regardless of your bed's size, we have options for twin size, queen size and king size weighted blankets in Canada.

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The Best Canadian Weighted Blanket

Struggle with anxiety? Have problems sleeping at night? Or perhaps you're simply looking for the ultimate in evening comfort?

That's precisely what the indigo weighted blanket from DreamHug™ provides, allowing gravity to do all the work for you and helping you drift into a more restful state of mind. The weighted blanket's purpose can be whatever you want it to be — though it is particularly useful for those with chronic pain, anxiety, and similar conditions.

A snuggable weighted blanket is an ideal solution for dealing with those cold winter nights, adding far more luxury than the typical standard sheet.

If you've been searching for a weighted blanket, Toronto residents should know that there's no better choice than our high-end, excellent quality weighted blanket from DreamHug™. As our name suggests, we're in the business of getting you a better night's sleep. Allow our weighted blanket for sale in Canada to bring you to dreamland, ensuring that you wake up feeling far sweeter. There's nothing quite like a refreshing night's sleep to make everything brighter – and our weighted blankets can provide all that and more.

DreamHug™ Improves Your Mood

How exactly can an indigo weighted blanket improve your mood? There are many physical and mental benefits to weighted blankets for adults — some of which have only been recently discovered. The pressure that a weighted blanket provides can provide a calming effect, using the concept of Deep Touch Pressure to de-stress, reduce anxiety and more.

DreamHug™ weighted blankets can even be utilized for individuals with sensory processing disorders and autism, helping them bring some calm into their lives. We all need a little stress reliever sometimes — and that's exactly what DreamHug™ weighted blankets provide.

Alongside our snuggable weighted blankets' positive mental effects, there are many physical positives to investing in a DreamHug™ blanket. Our blankets can help combat the physical signs of stress and prevent conditions such as Restless Leg Syndrome — bringing much-needed relief without substantial medical costs.

For elderly and sleep-deprived customers, the weighted blanket's purpose is to aid in more profound and more effective sleep — ensuring your hours spent dreaming leave you feeling fully rested when you wake.

Do you want to experience the benefits of your weighted blanket with a partner or spouse? We have weighted blankets for couples!

A great day starts with a great sleep

How Our Weighted Blankets Are Made

As the name suggests, weighted blankets are different from regular blankets — mainly because they use weight to create pressure. This involves utilizing glass, plastic or similar materials to add density to your blanket. While this might make them less easy to carry around, it is far more enjoyable to use.

That extra heft is usually sandwiched between layers of cosy material, to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable tactile experience when you purchase a weighted blanket of your own. Each blanket is designed to weigh between 8-12% of your body mass for optimal comfort.

At DreamHug™, we take things a step further with engineer-determined pressure used within the blanket to achieve the desired results. Combined with our incredibly soft outer fabric shell created from a unique and proprietary DreamHug™ blend, our products are unparalleled when it comes to that all-important coziness factor.

We combine fleece and cotton, along with our weighted interior, to create a world-class weighted blanket that's sure to be your new favourite bedtime buddy. Specifically, we use high-density glass beads as a weighted filling — a non-toxic and luxurious solution to ensure the best possible night's sleep.

Even better, you can throw it in the washer and dryer as needed. It's also 100% safe around both pets and children, making it ideal for the family home.

Pros of our Weighted Blankets

Why exactly do weighted blankets make us feel good? It might be because it feels like getting a giant hug all over. Or, there might be a more scientific explanation for the whole thing.

What we know is our high-quality, comfort-first weighted blankets are exactly what you need to nap happily or sleep soundly. Our even distribution system ensures the ultimate in psychological and physical comfort. Weighted blankets are said to have a specific effect on the serotonin in your brain, providing a more comfortable rest session and improving your emotions and feelings as a whole.

Is A Weighted Blanket For Me?

Weighted blankets offer an excellent way to manage and relieve a whole host of different conditions and issues, from releasing stress to reducing anxiety. Whether you struggle to sleep at night or you're simply looking for something to make you feel secure in your bed, a weighted blanket is a fantastic solution.

At DreamHug™, we go above and beyond to provide our customers with weighted blankets that suit their needs — from younger children to busy professionals to couples and families. See our FAQ section if you’re wondering how to choose a weighted blanket that’s perfect for you and your loved ones.

With our 30 nights of sleep guarantee, you can test whether a weighted blanket is right for you with no worries. If you don't like what we have to offer, we can issue a refund right away. But we find most of our customers fall in love with the simplicity, quality and effectiveness of the DreamHug™ weighted blanket, especially when combined with other mental health and physical health treatments for conditions from sensory disorders through to ADHD and even chronic pain.

With our weighted blanket solution, we've provided the tools to help make your life just a bit better. Why not hug yourself with a blanket that feels like one giant embrace? We're sure you won't be disappointed with the results.

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